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The FiCentive Government Disbursement card allows any governmental entity to manage government initiated disbursements such as child support, refunds, and benefits assistance programs with greater ease and efficiency and at a savings over disbursements made with checks.  The FiCentive Government Disbursement card also saves the cardholder, by not requiring a bank account, banking fees, and check cashing fees and allows them to use the card for purchases and at ATM's for cash withdrawals.  The card also provides the cardholder with direct deposit capabilities and access to purchase goods and services anywhere MasterCard® debit cards are accepted worldwide.  The need to have a bank account or purchase money orders for paying bills is eliminated when Bill Payment services are added to the card program.

The FiCentive Government disbursement card can be branded with the specific government custom requirements.  FiCentive can also provide cardholder customer services via live agent, web and IVR.

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