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The FiCentive Payroll Card is both an innovative way to distribute pay to employees and a smart alternative to issuing payroll checks. Simply by posting employees’ salaries to a card account tied to their personal FiCentive Payroll Cards each
payday, you can increase cost-efficiency while delivering a whole new array of benefits to workers, including greater security, convenience, and control.

Top Ten Features

  • Direct deposit
  • No employer integration needed.  Employers view the employee as just another direct deposit transaction
  • Card can be branded with the employer's branding
  • Cardholder statements are available online and at participating CoinStar locations (optional)
  • On most programs, the Employers can establish the program fees as they choose
  • The ability to integrate online bill payments using our patented bill payment solution.  (FiCentive's bill pay is licensed under U.S. Patent 7,021,530)
  • 100% Paperless
  • Reduction or elimination of bank service fees
  • Elimination of stop payment fees for lost or stolen paychecks
  • Elimination of any escheatment liability

Participating employees don’t need a banking relationship

Direct deposit alone works for some employees, but not all. For instance, workers that do not have bank accounts, contract workers, temporary, youth, and part-time employees see direct deposit as cumbersome. The FiCentive Payroll Card is the convenient, safe, easy-to-use solution for virtually all employees. And it enables your company to reduce costs, gain operational efficiencies, and provide a valuable benefit to employees that will increase loyalty and retention.

Easy to issue, easy to use

You can easily issue FiCentive Payroll Cards to anyone in your organization.
Once employees’ salaries are loaded onto their personal cards, they gain
immediate access to their funds. Simply by taking their FiCentive Payroll
Cards to any one of the over 900,000 MasterCard ATMs, employees can
withdraw cash protecting them from the risks involved in carrying
large amounts of cash. They can also use their FiCentive Payroll Cards
to make purchases at millions of stores, restaurants, and other businesses
worldwide that accept MasterCard debit cards. And they can shop and
pay bills online with complete security.

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Research Shows

Paper payroll checks are costly for both companies and employees.

• Average cost to process a check: $1.85*
• Average cost to produce a check:
• Average cost to distribute a check:
• Annual cost to replace lost or stolen payroll checks:
$50 million†
• Estimated U.S. households that have no banking relationship:
10 million‡
• More than 25 million wage workers in the U.S. do not have accounts at financial institutions‡
• Check cashing businesses cash about 180 million checks each year totaling $55 billion‡

* Nacha, 2002
Celent: Payroll Card—A Direct Deposit Solution for the Unbanked, 12/02
‡ The
Pelorus Group 21st Century Currency, 2003



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