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Risk and Fraud Management

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Risk mitigation is crucial for the proper administration of a card program. The FiCentive card programs can be tailored to utilize our extensive risk and fraud management tools.  FiCentive  utilizes many techniques to minimize risk including:

  • Load velocity checking including maximum, minimum and frequency of transactions
  • Distributor and Retailer processing velocities
  • One dollar authorization monitoring
  • Transaction monitoring at the merchant ID, and merchant classification code levels
  • Unmatched credit monitoring
  • Extensive card usage monitoring for all transaction types
  • Chargeback processing for merchant rules violations
  • Domestic and International card associations warning bulletin support

FiCentive utilizes a wide set of tools for an automatic detection of fraudulent actions in a real-time mode based on a specific card program's predetermined rules. The analysis is performed on card sales, card enrollment and card usage data and can cover the entire card issuance life-cycle. The system of alerts informs investigators as soon as suspicious activity is detected, however, Fraud Management can be configured to instantly reject certain transactions based on the predetermined parameters.


Both modules, Fraud Detection and Risk Monitoring,  are highly customizable, each can be configured to best meet the needs of the card program. This proven solution is capable of addressing a variety of risk management requirements, thus, providing comprehensive protection against fraud.


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