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The FiCentive Travel Card lets you monitor and manage employee travel expenditures with greater ease and efficiency, simply by preloading the card with allocated funds before an employee sets off on his or her travels. And because it’s customizable, the FiCentive Travel  Card is an excellent solution for a wide range of organizations, including corporations and universities. The FiCentive Travel Card also provides an innovative solution for organizations that want to fund travel for infrequent flyers or non-employees, such as consultants.  Best of all, the card is accepted anywhere MasterCard® debit cards are accepted worldwide.

Companies with corporate-wide travel per diem policies will find them much easier to administer with the FiCentive Travel Card. Unlike cash or checks, the FiCentive Travel Card limits purchases to actual travel expenses. It allows your organization to preset travel allowances so that employees do not exceed their spending limits. If funds are left over after the employee's travel is over, you simply login to the FiCentive card management system and remove the funds.  If the employee’s travel is extended for some reason and more funds are needed, the company can, in real-time, add additional funds to the card, without having to issue and  mail a check or wire funds, in case of an emergency.

A stored-value card solution, the FiCentive Travel Card, can be easily loaded and reloaded with any dollar value you choose. You can customize key controls to each cardholder, including overall spending limits and single-purchase limits. If you wish, you can even restrict card usage by merchant category code. FiCentive can provide your accounting team with an electronic remittance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to allow for the proper allocation of expenses in an efficient manner.

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